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The Law Office of David W. Alexander provides legal services at affordable rates. This means he does not customarily charge a consultation fee and uses a variety of fee arrangements appropriate to your legal needs.

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights:

For patents and trademarks, The Law Office of David W. Alexander uses a combination of flat fees – a specific total fee and expenses paid in installments as the patent or trademark application progresses and is filed – and an hourly rate for the prosecution of the application before the Patent and Trademark Office. The cost of patent or trademark drawings or images, application filing fees and patent or trademark issuing fees are paid by The Law Office of David W. Alexander and reimbursed dollar-for-dollar by the inventor(s) or trademark holder(s). David does not charge the inventor(s) or trademark holder(s) any more than he must pay for the preparation of drawings or trademark images and the payment of Patent and Trademark Office fees.

For copyrights, The Law Office of David W. Alexander charges a flat fee which includes the registration fee.

Probate Matters:

For the drafting of wills and trusts, The Law Office of David W. Alexander charges a flat fee for the preparation of these documents. The amount of flat fee depends on the complexity of your particular situation.

For probating a will, The Law Office of David W. Alexander charges an agreed upon hourly rate with periodic accountings and payment by the client as the probate matter progresses.

Plant and Industrial Accidents:

For injuries or wrongful death occurring from an incident in a manufacturing or chemical plant, The Law Office of David W. Alexander uses a contingency fee arrangement. The attorney’s fee is based on a percentage of the amount awarded in your case. If you lose the case, the attorney does not get a fee or his expenses. David uses a variety of contingency fee percentages depending on the complexity of the case and its likelihood of resulting in a settlement or judgment favorable to you. The contingency fee may range from 33% to 40% of the gross settlement plus recovery of expense. In some cases, the courts may set a limit on the amount of a contingency fee a lawyer can receive.

All legal services other than Plant and Industrial Accidents:

The Law Office of David W. Alexander may request that the client pay a Retainer Fee. The lawyer is paid a set fee, perhaps based on a flat fee or agreed upon hourly rate. The retainer is a sum of money against which future fees and expenses are billed. The cost of services is deducted from the Retainer Fee as they accrue. Any unused portion of the Retainer Fee is reimbursed to the client when the legal services are concluded.